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October 9th, 2012

Elsewhere: Mighty Closet

Mighty Girl featured me as part of their Mighty Closet project. It was fun to work with Maggie. In setting aside clothes for the photo shoot I realized how much cute stuff I own. We didn’t even get to coats, jackets or boots!

Maggie is a great photographer so head over to Mighty Girl and check it out. Mabel and Moxie totally stole the show btw.

March 2nd, 2012

Colored Tights

Penned by molly in Accessories

I love colored legwear. A pop of color is a great way to transition a winter outfit into a chilly spring-day. Colored tights pair well with boots or pumps and are a great way to work oxfords with a dress. The Kate Spade dress pictured above is paired with patterned, one-color tights — a great contrast to the dotted pattern of the shift dress.

There are fancy tights and less fancy tights — Wolford makes amazing hosiery but their styles are an investment. I wore a pair of green Wolford fishnets for years, alone or over contrasting tights — I think they’re still in my drag bag (slight rips are OK for costuming but not everyday or cocktail parties, mmmkay?).

We Love Colors is a great resource for legwear. They do amazing solid tights and knee-highs in varying levels of opacity. They also make plus-size tights in the same styles.

December 15th, 2008

Cuisine Carriers: Buy My Stuff

Penned by molly in Accessories, Made By Molly

I’m selling these cuisine carriers over on my Etsy store. Buy one today! They’re great for toting food to parties and make splendid hostess gifts. The one pictured above is made from vintage printed canvas.

The carriers fit many round, oblong and square dishes and bowls. The tie allows for secure transport with no loose lids. Also great for pies!

Merry Christmas all.

October 21st, 2008

Fancy Belts

Penned by molly in Accessories

I’m loving the fancy belts of this season but have yet to wear one (pictured above from J. Crew). I think they’re so cute over blouses or slim, fine-gauge sweaters worn untucked with a skirt. These fancy belts are double-cute when worn with a wool or jersey dress for an unexpected sash. Fancy belts are not for use with jeans. No, not even $300 jeans.

October 14th, 2008

Elliott Lucca Bag

Penned by molly in Accessories, Luxury, Third Sin

I’m swooning for this roomy tote. It’s $398, which ain’t so bad for a super nice bag. I love the diamond-shaped details. There’s a smaller clutch in this style that’s delicious in black.

September 15th, 2008

Found: Blair Waldorf’s Bling

Penned by molly in Accessories

I’ve been consuming teen things lately — Gossip Girl on the CW, the Twilight book series about love among high school students and vampires. This didn’t make me seem old until I read that Leighton Meister, who plays Blair Waldorf (my favorite Gossip Girl girl), was born in 1986. Yeah.

Blair is a bitch and she’s fantastic. Much has been made of the clothes worn by the cast, and for good reason — these are upper-crust Upper East Side kids. Blair pops bottles in limos and she’s just a senior. She wears this name plate necklace in several episodes and I love it. It’s ridiculously expensive but whatever, I want with engraved MGL on one side and TED on the other. Sweet, right?

August 18th, 2008

Guy Friday: Beerdolier

Penned by molly in Accessories, Guy Friday

This gadget sells itself, really. I love the military-inspired bandolier-esque one-shoulder style. If you’re not a beer drinker you could fill it with beer for your friends. Or Diet Coke or kombucha, whatever. With a little decoration this would make a fitting addition to any faux-military/spaceman costume. Only $15!

(via BrightSeeker)

June 17th, 2008

Pin-Up Girl

Penned by molly in Accessories, Cheap Thrills

There are safety pins in all my purses. If it’s been carried to a wedding, it’s got pins inside. I don’t even have to double-check anymore, although I do, because what if there were a fashion emergency? I am occasionally called to duty at functions, helping with slipped hems or bursting necklines.

These multi-colored pins are a great idea. I’ve seen metallic colored pins at the fabric store but never had a need for iridescent jade. I imagine the black pins will be big sellers. A nice companion to Hollywood Fashion Tape in your beauty tackle box.

Promise me you’ll be careful pinning; I usually try tape first if the fabric is thin, sheer or silky. Always use the smallest pin you can find.

March 20th, 2008

Classic Resort: Coach Straw Hobo

Penned by molly in Accessories, Classics, Resort


If you’re going anywhere with white sands, blue lagoons, nautical-themed piano bars or taxidermy swordfish, this bag is a winner. You can carry it in St. Somewhere or the South Pacific. You could go matchy-matchy and pair it with wedge heel esparadrilles; go casual with sandals or beach-appropriate flip-flops. This purse looks big enough for a small camera, trial-size SPF, wallet and room key. And “room key” is one of my favorite words.

December 5th, 2007

Little Gifts For Girlie-Girls

Penned by molly in Accessories, Beauty


If she hung a stocking, you had better stuff something in it.

I’m a believer in beauty sleep and I’m fanatical about eye masks. This Holly Golightly reproduction is a scream (discount code here). And these zodiac hoop earrings are trashtastic fun.

Last night at dinner I was singing the praises of my garter flask. It’s not just for church weddings — the garter makes a great mini purse. Mine is made of a red and black brocade and stays put on my thigh.

M.A.C. Ruby Woo is the best red lipstick, ever, lips down. Way better than the candy-cane of Bonne Bell Lipsmackers. One year Santa put the Shu Uemura lash curler in my stocking, so thoughtful!

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