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March 2nd, 2012

Colored Tights

Penned by molly in Accessories

I love colored legwear. A pop of color is a great way to transition a winter outfit into a chilly spring-day. Colored tights pair well with boots or pumps and are a great way to work oxfords with a dress. The Kate Spade dress pictured above is paired with patterned, one-color tights — a great contrast to the dotted pattern of the shift dress.

There are fancy tights and less fancy tights — Wolford makes amazing hosiery but their styles are an investment. I wore a pair of green Wolford fishnets for years, alone or over contrasting tights — I think they’re still in my drag bag (slight rips are OK for costuming but not everyday or cocktail parties, mmmkay?).

We Love Colors is a great resource for legwear. They do amazing solid tights and knee-highs in varying levels of opacity. They also make plus-size tights in the same styles.

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