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September 21st, 2009

Dream Fashion Job: L.L. Bean

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This weekend I went backpacking in Desolation Wilderness. I love camping and hiking in the wilds of California. I have accepted that cottons and jeans are not the way to pack on these trips — hi-tech fabrics really make a difference. They breath, dry quickly and pack light. The warmer items insulate without being bulky. But, ugh: most of these items are less fashion-forward than I’d like to be. They’re boxy or over-trimmed or available only in sage green.

Stomping around Lake Of The Woods I realized what I would like to wear. And if it’s what I’d like to wear, it’s what I’d like to create. It will be part Miss Rheingold, part L.L. Bean from the 1950s. I’d like classic pieces in updated fabrics and silhouettes. A plaid hunting jacket with patches on the elbows featuring a nipped-in waist and constructed in waterproof/breathable fabric? Yes, please. Jodhpurs in a quick-dry fabric, paired with button-up shirt in SFP50 wicking fabric? Yes!

And then I would like to write the catalog, with wonderful back-story and silliness a la J. Peterman.

So, L.L. Bean: call me. Let’s discuss a capsule collection. It will sell, promise.

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